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Lo Steppin Al Lucas

Lo Steppin

Al Lucas

Published November 8th 2014
ISBN : 9781483407579
114 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This is an inflammatory tale of an alcoholic who seeks comfort in his own words and ends up losing all his money in a heart breaking, no holds bared fate. It is a richly deserving tale. Book Blurb on back of Lo Steppin Paul Undres, famed story teller in Hi Steppin, seeks to clarify himself in this sequel. He brazenly attempts to redefine American cultural hang-ups with a stream of consciousness that rivals James Joyce as he prescribes the antithesis of anti-laissez faire, which results in his imprisonment, a sort of final sentence for the author. Basically, a harmless kook get a raw deal for an underage peccadillo that could happen to the nicest guy in the world. If you like freeloaders, pederasts, and pedophiles, youll love Paul. After all, thats all he really wanted anyway.