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A butterfly in the Garden (Volume 1) Annie Truesdell

A butterfly in the Garden (Volume 1)

Annie Truesdell

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

Link Below for a Free Preview of Chapter 1http://www.godsigninstitute.com/pdf/a...An IntroductionMy life changed the day I met the author of this book. I know this is a dramatic statement to start an introduction, but this is my truth and now I would like you to read her book.Who am I? I am just a guy who thought he had everything figured out and then all of a sudden a Butterfly flew into his life and his life is now full of beauty, love and light from all directions in ways that he never even dreamed. Is Annie completely responsible for that? No, of course not and she would be the first to say so. But, I must give her this-she changed my Mind about life and for that I owe her everything.During a time when my life was making a shift that I was not happy about and was fighting tooth and nail against, I decided that I was giving up and made the decision to just let the Universe or whatever was greater than I take care of it, I had other things to worry about like the electric bill and groceries. All of this was before I realized the benefits of meditation and the least I could say about myself at that time is I was a control freak, especially about the life plan that I had written in my mind. Of course, with retrospect and many hours of deep reflection I can now understand why some shifts happen and why people come and go and that there is really very little that any of us have control of, if anything. In my case, Annie was definitely part of my fate, destiny and the grand plan of my life...no matter who is in control of it. If it was Me, God, the Universe or all three, Annie and her little book and I were meant to meet. There are just some things a person is sure of and this is one of them for me.In 2006 Annie was asked to conduct a class. Betty, the director of the Spiritual Life Center at St. Lukes United Methodist Church in Indianapolis had been given an unpublished copy of the manuscript for a book called A BUTTERFLY IN THE GARDEN, and felt the experience that Annie shared with her readers would be an excellent addition to the curriculum at the church. A class was the last thing that Annie had considered and really had no idea what she would even teach about from a book that hadnt even been edited, let alone published. Her book was about a Spiritual journey that she was still trying to come to terms with and was stunned that this offer of teaching about it was even presented to her, especially by a Christian church in the middle of Indiana.A short time after she started teaching what she referred to as her Godsign classes, Annie made her grand entrance into my life and I can honestly say that it was an elbow turn in the road that I wasnt expecting. I would not have it any other way, but that is a whole other story. When Annie first gave me a copy of the book that I am now introducing you to, I thought she was out of her mind. Little did I know that I was about to begin a journey of understanding the difference between the Mind and the mind, and in the case of this book the Mind is something you need to leave at the turn of the first page.This little book is just a story, told by a lady who lives in a simple, humble home in the middle of Indianapolis. She has two beautiful children whom she loves dearly. She is an artist, a writer, a counselor, an empath, and the founder of The Godsign Institute. I recommend this book to you because I would like you to spend some time with her and her little book. I think you will enjoy reading and learning about her experience and what she has to share with you.I ask that you read this book as if Annie is your friend, telling you a story about something that she only shares with people whom she loves. It is a book about discovery of Self, discovery of hidden talents and a work of complete and total disclosure about subjects that many shy away from because they can be both controversial and challenging to deal with and discuss. I feel that this book was written in order to heal, not only herself but anyone who is fortunate to come across it.And now, you are are going to read this book written by a Butterfly who was once a Caterpillar presented in the form it is now, in the circumstance that was meant for you to meet Annie and read her little book.Enjoy, I know you will!ScottLink Below to visit The Godsign Institute Websitehttp://www.godsigninstitute.com